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Air Cylinders

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Air Cylinder

Air Cylinders
Custom Pneumatic Cylinder
We are specialized in manufacturing Cylinders as per customer's inquiry and size since 1976.
Tie Road Construction Pneumatic Cylinders
Confirm to ISO 6431 and ISO 15552 standards.
• Bore Diameter 32mm to 200mm
• Stroke as per customer's requirement.
• Adjustable cushioning at both the ends.
• Magnetic and nonmagnetic version
• Optional High Temperature (Viton seals) up to 150 degree available.
• Optional SS piston rod with SS nut available.
• Wide Variety of Mountings available.
• Double acting Stroke Adjustment Air Cylinder
• Ask us for technical data sheet.
• Bore Dia 1" to 14"
• Suitable for a wide range of applications.
• Available in all types of mountings and attachments.
• Single Acting, Double Acting, Magnetic, Double Ended, Tandem, Telescopic.
• Max stroke lengths up to 2000mm

Tandem Cylinder
We are the manufacturer of Tandem Cylinders. The Tandem Cylinders arrangement can provide the amplified output as compared to the conventional cylinder. A Tandem Cylinder is used in place where a greater force needs to be developed in an actuator of small diameter. The typical applications for the tandem cylinder are found in work holder devices and Lathe equipment.

• Double Piston Cylinder - This cylinder consists of two or more cylinder mounted in line with piston connected to the common piston rod
• Back to Back Cylinder - This cylinder comprises of two standard cylinder mounted back to back and connected by a support or tie rods.
   This arrangement provides: Three positions if the two cylinders have the same strokes and four stroke if the two cylinders have different strokes

Square profile Air Cylinder
• Cushioning adjustable at both ends, high energy absorption with PU
• Lubrication Not necessary (Maintain once started oil mist lubrication)
• Operating medium: Compressed air
• Operating pressure range: 1 - 10 bar
• Operating temperature range - 20 Degree (Supposed to show logo here) C to + 70° C
• Minimum Operating pressure 0.3 bar
Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinders
• Double acting/ Single acting Pneumatic Cylinders.
• Bore 100 mm to 350mm
• Stroke as per customer's requirement.
• Adjustable cushioning at both end.
• Variety of Mountings.
• Accessories.
• Double end version available.
• Maximum Pressure - 10 kg/cm2
• MOU - End Cap: C.I, Barrel- Seamless Honed and hard chrome, Piston : EN8 hard chrome plated, Seals :Nitrile and Viton.
Pencil Pneumatic Cylinders ( ISO 6432 Design.)
• Bore 12mm to 25mm
• Stroke as per customer's requirement.
• Internal Cushing ring. (Non adjustable)
• Magnetic and non-magnetic version.
• Low friction, long life seal design.
• Maximum Pressure - 10 kg/cm2
• MOU - End Cap: Aluminum, Barrel- Stainless Steel, Piston : SS 410 roller burnished/ EN8 hard chrome plated, Seals : Polyurethane , Nitrile and Viton.
Air Cylinder Accessories
Mountings for Air Cylinder
Magnetic Sensors -
• Integrated LED
• Moulded cable with flying lead and Quick Disconnect (QD)
• connector versions Direct mounting, simple installation
• Reed contact type & Solid state type versions
• Both PNP & NPN type available

Pneumatic Gripper

A pneumatic gripper is a pick-and-place device that uses compressed air to operate gripper jaws, also called fingers. These fingers, similar to human fingers, help in grasping, holding and releasing the work pieces. Commonly, they have 2 fingers (parallel or angular) or 3 fingers with a single or double acting cylinder for control. They are mostly used in automated manufacturing processes to grip a work piece. The work pieces can range from small objects like circuit boards or chips to large objects like an engine block. Figure 1 shows examples of pneumatic 2 finger and 3 finger grippers.

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